Sri. N. Ranga Rao faced many adversities right from a tender age, losing his father at the age of six to severe health problems, resulting in setbacks in his professional life. But Sri. Ranga was a man of courage, clarity, discipline and independent attitude; life’s shortcomings did not stop him from achieving his vision.


Sri. Ranga Rao is an excellent example of hard work and sustained interest. As a boy of eleven, he began selling biscuits in his school. Another boy also began doing the same and became a competitor. Immediately he gave peppermint free with a biscuit and his rival vanished from the scene.


As years rolled by, he worked for a coffee estate in different cities. When he was in Kodagu, he would visit Mysore city; he loved the city and thought of starting a business in Mysore. Thus came about the birth of “Mysore Products and General Trading Company”, in 1948 which produced soapnut powder, turmeric powder and agarbattis. Along with the birth of a company was the birth of a tradition — a family enterprise offering the highest quality and purity in all their products.


He chose to focus on the simple & ubiquitous agarbatti, and embarked on a journey that established the nondescript agarbatti on the commercial map of India.


His belief  “Quality backed by values will pay” and his belief took him far and long — the small cottage industry transformed into a global entity. N. Ranga Rao & Sons Pvt. Ltd.  is now the largest incense manufacturer which has created 5 popular brands — Cycle, Lia, Flute, Rhythm & Woods. Its flagship brand, Cycle Agarbattis is the market leader in India and is exported to over 60 countries.


The company ,which started with incense, has grown to provide customers a complete range of solutions in air care — from deodorants and room fresheners to aroma oils. The growth has been crafted by total endurance, perseverance and commitment to rigid quality standards, unceasing research, innovative packaging, and product innovation backed by his motto


Total customer satisfaction with value for money“.


The founder’s guiding principles of integrity, quality, customer responsiveness, financial discipline and importantly, honoring commitments and a genuine concern for social causes is consistently reflected in NRRS values. Today the brand has support & patronage of millions of households across India and world over.