~ NRRS, makers of cycle pure agarbathies certified ‘green’ company; Only incense stick company in India to receive this distinction ~

Mysore, August 25, 2014: N Ranga Rao and Sons (NRRS), makers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies, has been certified carbon neutral manufacturer by UK-based The Carbon Neutral Company — the leading provider of carbon reduction solutions in the World. NRRS is the only company in India in the incense sticks industry to have received this distinction. Going forward, products from the house of NRRS are entitled to have the carbon neutral symbol giving it a market leading quality assurance standard. 

The certificate was handed over to Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Director; Cycle Pure Agarbathies today in the presence of Mr.Subra Eassuwaren, Co-founder, The Carbon Consulting Company and Mr. Sanith, Chief Operating Officer, The Carbon Consulting Company. 

“Intrinsic in the concerns inculcated by the group’s founder is a concern for the environment and continued environmental sustainability of the group’s operations” says Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Director,. “Sri. N.Ranga Rao strongly believed in giving back to society, a part of the gains and this he practiced by spending generously on socially relevant causes. This belief became an ideal and passion for the succeeding generations of the Group. Today, the group marks the next great step in its green journey by becoming the WORLD’S FIRST Manufacturer of incense sticks to completely offset it’s entire operational carbon footprint and be certified CarbonNeutral®. To assist us in this project, we engaged with The Carbon Consulting Company, one of the region’s leading providers of carbon assessment and mitigation solutions for corporates. 

Mr. Sanith, Chief Operating Officer, The Carbon Consulting Company, said “Some companies have inculcated good sustainability practices into their business models even before ‘green’ became a new corporate buzzword. Family owned and operated companies are by far most likely to have good environmental values embedded in their business.  For the most part, many companies still labor under the lack of awareness about climate changes and the impacts it is having on human existence. In the circumstances it gives us great pleasure to be able to work with the world’s leading incense brand to cement its environmental credentials. The Green House Gas (GHG) assessment for NRRS was carried out in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol – Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.”

Commonly known as a ‘Carbon Footprint’, the assessment took into account data on fuel consumption, electricity consumption and material consumption as well as direct emissions released from sources that are owned or controlled by the company. Indirect emissions associated from purchased electricity and other sources including business travel, employee commuting, and third party deliveries were used to formulate the carbon footprint of the company. The carbon offset was carried out through Carbon Consulting’s partners in the UK in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. This ensured that the entire process is internationally recognized and goes through a credible verification process. 

About NR Group

 The Mysore-based NR Group was founded by Shri N. Ranga Rao in 1948. A true visionary and philanthropist, Shri. Ranga Rao created the ubiquitous Cycle Pure Agarbathies which has today become the largest selling incense stick brand in the world. From a home-grown enterprise, NR Group has evolved in to a successfully run business conglomerate with established presence in India and abroad. The Group has diversified into various business categories like functional air care products (Lia brand of room fresheners and car-fresheners), wellness home fragrance products (IRIS) under Ripple Fragrances, floral extracts (NESSO) and Rangsons Electronics. The Group is also very committed to its social responsibilities and fulfils them through its charity arm ‘The NR Foundation’. The NR Group today is managed by the third generation of the Ranga family. For more information on the Group, please visit http://www.nrgroup.co.in/

About Carbon Neutral Company

Since 1997 The Carbon Neutral Company has established its reputation as a world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions. They are currently working with more than 350 companies in 35 countries, and have contracted more than eight million tonnes of carbon from 240 projects across 30 countries. Today we operate within a leading edge quality assurance programme, which enables us to guarantee the integrity of our services and a credible, global standard for carbon neutral certification. As the market develops we also increasingly use third party organisations to ensure the authority and transparency of our activities.