NR Foundation conducted a Hand Wash activity at Bharat Nagar School

NR Foundation conducted a Hand Wash activity at Bharat Nagar School

An awareness initiative under the Phase II of project Prerepana


Dr. Seetharam demonastrating the hand wash at Government School


Mysuru, January, 9, 2017:NR Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the NR Group, makers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies recently conducted an awareness activity regarding the importance of hand wash under the project Prerepana on January 5th at Bharat Nagar Government School.


Around 200 students were reached through this campaign in Mysuru, where Dr. Seetharam, Vice President, SVYM personally demonstrated the correct way of washing hands. The event was organized to explain the importance of washing hands and the six steps of hand wash to the students and faculties in Government School.


The motive of the event is also to reach out the parents and the community through the students and persuade them to adopt the habit of washing hands in their daily routine. In this extensive session, Tahir AlliGrama, Panchayath member of Bharath Nagar also marked his valuable presence, extending his support to the cause.


Speaking about the initiative, Fathima, Headmistress, Primary school said, “We are extremely glad to host this initiative in our school premises. We would like to thank NR Foundation and Dr. Seetharam for taking this initiative and educating students about the right method of washing hands. With this event, we wish to reach to our entire community through our students and encourage them toinculcate thishabit for better hygiene. ”


Commonly, dirty hands have been observed as the cause of many life threatening diseases including pneumonia and Diarrhea that together accounts nearly 3.5 million child deaths annually. The most effective and inexpensive way to combat such diseases is to encourage healthy practices and inculcate habit of washing hands with soap before eating and after using toilet, regularly among the students.


Commenting on the initiatives, R. Guru, Chairman of NR Group, said, “NR Group believes that service to the community is an integral part of its business activities. We are glad that we received this opportunity to contribute towards a better tomorrow for the society. The basic practice of regularly washing hands can eliminate cause of many severe diseases hence; we have taken it up proactively. Our initiatives are designed keeping in mind the need of the society. We hope they will take the learning ahead, and inculcate the same, in their lives.”


NR Foundation entered into the next phase of ‘Project Prerepana (Phase II) in the month of April, 2016 to promote sustainable development of seven slums in Mysuru through its focus on health, education, and socio-economic empowerment of youth and women. NR Foundation had earliersupported the Phase 1 of this project which lasted for 5 years from 2006 to 2011 implementing partners being Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM).


About Project Prerepana

Project Prerepana (Phase II) aims to promote sustainable development of seven slums in Mysuru through its focus on health, education, and socio-economic empowerment of youth and women. NR Foundation had earlier supported the Phase 1 of this project which lasted 5 years i.e. 2006 to 2011. With an aim to generate awareness on issues crucial for development, establish learning centers, provide career guidance and counseling, and strengthen community-based institutions, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM), the implementing partner had successfully executed Prerepana phase—I (2006). This had focused on women and child welfare with its thrust on health and education.


Following the phase I success, proposed for 5 years (2016-21), and to sustain community driven progress, Phase II Prerepana aims to address and resolve the critical needs of the slum dwellers and strengthening the key social development indicators like issues of health

(Alcohol De-addiction), education (Children & Youth) and facilitating linkages for social entitlements in the community. The project will lay its focus on seven slums of MysuruvizKarakushalanagar, MetagalliEkalavyanagara, Bharath Nagar, Kalyangiri—KSB Colony, VandeMatharam, Shivrathreshwaranagara and Kesare- Kurimandi.


About NR Foundation:


NR Foundation is the nonprofit charitable trust of the NR Group. Sri N. Ranga Rao, founder of NR Group (makers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies) strongly believed in giving a share back to society from what it has received. This belief has now become an ideal of the Group and “NR Foundation” is the result. Education at all levels for the betterment of society at large is an important aspect of their philanthropic activity. NR Foundation also supports a variety of social activities in and outside Mysuru city very passionately. The following are the CSR activities of the foundation:


● Ranga Rao Memorial School for Disabled [RMSD]


● Project Prerepana


● Project Unnati and Cycle Scholarship Programme


● Vocational Training for Women


● Supporting Art and Cultural Events


● For details


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