NR Group wins Quality Circle’s Par Excellence awards

Mysore, 4th January 2010: NR Group, the manufacturer of India’s leading agarbathies brand ‘Cycle Pure Agarbathies’, has won Par Excellence awards at the National Convention for Quality Concepts 2010, held in Vishakapatnam recently. The awards were given for Quality projects on power conservation and packaging printing undertaken by NR Group employees for improving efficiency within the organization.

The first team undertook a project on power conservation, aimed at reducing power
wastage by analyzing the different areas where wastage was occurring. An awareness campaign was taken up internally, due to which the team successfully managed to reduce wastage. The larger impact was formed in the attitude of the employees.

The second team, from the exports division of NR Group, focused on reducing the cost and time for printing variant names on packaging. By setting up the printing process in-house, the time for dispatching the final products was considerably reduced. music website names The team succeeded in creating a stringent, efficient and systematic model to keep the end-customers satisfied.

Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Partner, NR Group, said, “We are very proud of our employees and their achievements. NR Group employees, by forming quality circles or groups, are encouraged to participate in various forums and competitions on the quality front. As a company, we have understood the need to be highly quality-focused. Quality control systems give both internal and external audiences the belief that the organization, its products & services can be trusted.”

NR Group has consistently won Quality awards over the past two years from Quality Circle Forum of India and the Government of India. The awards won by the company include – Par Excellence Award from Quality Circle Forum of India (CCQC 2009), Excellence award from Quality Circle Forum of India (NCQC 2009), Chemexcil for Exports from the Government of India and Excellence in Exports from the Government of Karnataka, among others.

The various awards won by adopting the Quality Practices/Quality movement within the organization have placed the company on par with major players in the country.

About Cycle Pure Agarbathies
NR Group is a Mysore Based Business Conglomerate that manufactures the well-known Cycle Pure Agarbathies. The Group has spread its wings far and wide into other allied business activities spread across Incense sticks, Perfumes, Electronics and Education. They run several social initiatives, such as Rangarao Memorial School for the Disabled (RMSD) and ‘CYCLE’ scholarship program. The Group also provides a platform for rural women to empower themselves by involving them in agarbathi rolling. Over 25,000 women and their families have directly benefited by their association with NR Group.