Well being

There is no stillness like this one, no tranquility such as this. This serenity is unique. What is this quiet that pervades the atmosphere? Can peace such as this truly exist? It has to be an illusion. Or isn’t it? Is there something familiar about it?


Is this the calm that you’ve always been searching for, a calm that has eluded you time & again, leaving you wishing it was something you could grasp with your fingers? Yet now it can be invoked with a flick of your fingers. It is as simple as the act of lighting an incense stick. Once it is lit, you never cease to wonder about the power packed into this slender little stick.


There is an aura that it creates. A pure, cleansing aura. An aura that washes away all of the negative impressions that build up in your mind, easing away your stresses and worries. Leaving behind a feeling of goodness, and of well being. And creating an atmosphere that is wholesome, an atmosphere that is like no other. It is a state of pure bliss, a state in which to meditate and seek out your inner self. And elevate yourself to a higher spiritual plane.


The experience is bound to change you. It not only revives and refreshes when you are tired, leaving you energized for whatever lies ahead. It also works at a deeper level to rejuvenate and let a new you emerge.


So go ahead and choose from a selection of carefully picked fragrances — from rosy tones of Honey Rose, amber and balsam of Prestige or fruits and flowers of Bansuri, the choices are endless and will work wonders for you. Just light one and you will be amazed at how the fragrance — and its effect linger with you all day!


Meditation Music
Nature’s Melody
Flow of Universe