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R & D

Research and development is an important ongoing process in the incense/agarbathies industry and the same is carried out passionately at NR Group. While we continue with our traditional and original purpose of making and selling high-quality agarbathies, we are also constantly innovating and bringing to the world, fragrances that appeal to everyone and suit every mood and occasion.

Use of Incense sticks in prayer and cultural rituals have a deep-rooted place in history. Although agarbathies continue to serve its religious purpose, considered trendy these days incense sticks are being used for Aromachology making them an important lifestyle product. Agarbathies have been exalted for their aromatic properties in both modern and ancient times, creating fragrant ambience, purify the air and enhance spirituality, transcendental mindset, uplift mood and relieve one from stress. Which brings us to the most important aspect of this fragrant journey - "The art of creating" unique fragrances that hold a special appeal and last longer leaving their exquisite fragrant trail.


Never forgetting our ideologies of giving high quality, value for money products to our customers, we are constantly innovating in a variety of products to suit all lifestyles and environment. The result of this passionate endeavour is bringing to our customer's ultimate fragrances in the form of Agarbathies and other lifestyle products.

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