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Project Prerepana

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Project Prerepana promotes schooling for children dropped out of school, because of learning disabilities or economic factors. These Learning Centres / KalikaKendras conduct training camps, trekking trips and other extra-curricular activities to motivate and encourage children to participate. The children showcase their talents and leadership qualities to their own community, which in turn helps sustain interest and regularity at academic sessions.

Project Prerepana has its reach in seven slums of Mysore City. In the last five years, 128 children have successfully gone into regular schools and mainstream education. 222 children have so far benefitted from the KalikaKendras facilities.

Ranga Rao Memorial School for Differently abled

Ranga Rao Memorial School for Diffrently Abled

Ranga Rao Memorial School for Diffrently Abled (RMSD), is an initiative by NRRS to bring the light of education for visually challenged girls from economically disadvantaged background. Apart from regular school curriculum, the girls are given mobility training, taught life-skills, music, dance and basic cooking, giving them confidence to be responsible for themselves.

A matter of pride for the institution is that a few students from RMSD have gone on to pursue higher studies in regular schools. Some are now employed in the private and government sectors too.

Project Unnathi

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NR Group believes that education is the sure route for building a stronger nation. It promotes education by giving scholarships to children and grandchildren of the group employees. About 500 employee families across different working units are benefited by this programme annually.

Vocational Training for Women

vocational training for Women

Empowering women is another cause that NR Group believes in. Vocational training in bamboo splitting, sticks making, Agarbathies rolling and packaging is given to women in tribal and rural areas. This activity is also used as Rehabilitation training in Mysore Central Prison and prisons across Karnataka State.

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