Cycle Pure Agarbathies is one of the largest makers of Agarbathies (also spelt Agarbatties, Agarbaties, Agarbaty, Incense etc…). The Agarbathie and other incense products are used across India & the Indian sub-continent for devotional or Pooja purposes as well as other rituals including meditation, yagnas, havans etc...

Cycle Pure manufactures a wide range of incense products including agarbathies, dhoops, sambhranis, kumkum & turmeric. With a strong lineage of good quality products maintained since 1948 that is not just accepted but also revered by a wide variety of users, Cycle Pure Agarbathies is one of the most trusted and well-known incense brands in India. Some key products have managed to establish themselves as stand-alone brands too.

Some of Cycle Pure’s well-known brands are – Cycle Agarbathies, Flute Agarbathies, Rhythm Agarbathies & Woods Agarbathies. Cycle Pure’s Lia range of products have been developed in tune with their mood enhancing capabilities and has been a trailblazer in establishing various incense products for non-Pooja and non-ritualistic purposes as well. They have also been awarded the “Most Promising Indian brand” by the World Consulting & Research Organization for their impact on the way agarbathies are viewed .

A large reason for Cycle Pure’s success has been its consistent endeavor to embrace change while staying true to its primary principles – Unwavering Integrity, Uncompromising Quality, Customer Responsiveness, Honoring Commitments and a Genuine Concern for Social Causes. These are the principles around which Cycle Pure has been built and strives to stand for in its every endeavor.

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