Good for you.
Good for everyone.

The cycle is for everyone. Powered by human will, the cycle moves the human race forward. The cycle is a symbol of simplicity and practicality. It reminds us that everything in life is a cycle.

On a material level, there is a Water cycle, the Carbon cycle and the Nitrogen cycle. On a spiritual level, there is a Karmic cycle, the Samsaric cycle of life and death. The cycle is a reminder that we have to keep moving in order to maintain our balance in life.

A cycle is a perfect companion for life. It is good for the planet and its people.

Since 1948, after the dawn of Indian Independence, the word cycle has become synonymous with incense and prayer essentials. Today, the fragrance of cycle products has spread to 65+ countries.

The Fragrance

of prayer.

Since 1948.

12 reasons to choose.

Countless reasons to pray.

Empowering women since 1948

ZERO carbon manufacturer

Planting sacred native trees

Recyclable packaging

Exported to 65 countries

Purest ingredients

Three generations in fragrance creation

International fragrance standards

14 quality checks

Only safe materials used (GRAS)

Ethical practices

Best global practices

12 reasons to choose.

Countless reasons to pray.