A responsibility that
never skipped a generation.

Sri N. Ranga Rao, the company founder, wholeheartedly believed that it was his duty to give back to a society that had given him so much. This innate sense of responsibility drove him to dedicate a portion of all profits towards socially relevant causes. This belief manifested itself as NR Foundation, the non-profit charitable trust of NR Group.

NR Foundation is known for its contribution in the areas of education, health, art, culture and services to the physically challenged. The foundation seeks to bring about a positive and lasting change in the society.

Ranga Rao Memorial School
for Differently-abled

Set up in 1988, Ranga Rao Memorial School for Differently Abled (RMSD) is an initiative by NRRS to bring the light of education to visually challenged girls from underprivileged families. Apart from regular school curriculum, the girls are given mobility training, taught life-skills, music, dance and basic cooking, giving them confidence to be responsible for themselves.

The alumni have made the institution proud by choosing to pursue higher studies in regular schools. Some of them are successfully employed in private and government sectors.

Project Prerepana

Project Prerepana promotes schooling for children who have dropped out of school, due to learning disabilities or financial difficulties. These Learning Centres / KalikaKendras conduct training camps, trekking trips and other extra-curricular activities to motivate and encourage children to participate. The children showcase their talents and leadership qualities in their own communities, which further encourages them to be interested and regular at academic sessions.

Project Prerepana has a reach that spreads across seven slums of Mysore City. In the last five years, over 120 children have successfully been enrolled into regular schools and mainstream education. Over 220 children have so far benefitted from the KalikaKendras facilities.

Project Unnathi

The gift of education is our way of showing our gratitude towards people who are the life force of our company. NR Foundation offers scholarships to children and grandchildren of our employees. Over 500 families benefit from the project programme annually.