Providing hope for future generations.
By doing the right thing, since 1948.

We believe in a world that wakes up to hope, positivity and infinite possibilities.

We believe that by doing the right thing, every single time, we can create and spread hope, in many ways for the well-being of our employees, our customers, our partners, our stakeholders, our planet and all its beings.

We believe it is our responsibility to be fully committed to sustainability, traceability, transparency, equity and empowerment in everything we do.

An Agarbathi is a lot more than an incense stick with divine fragrance. It is sacred because it could end up carrying the hopes of a mother praying for her child. We have to get it right, no matter what.

Arjun Ranga, Managing Director & CEO

Over seven decades, this commitment has manifested itself in various ways.

We fully support women empowerment. Over 75% of our workforce comprises women. You could say that we’ve been empowered by women. Since 1948. Way before the term was even coined.

The health and safety of our consumers are of primary concern to us. Hence, we strictly follow the international fragrance ingredients standards to ensure that all the products are free of any potential hazardous elements.

The open trade secret to the quality of our products is simply purity. We use only the purest ingredients, the way nature intended it to be.

We are the world’s first carbon neutral manufacturer of incense, air care and prayer products. It simply means that our manufacturing process has a Zero carbon footprint. Which makes our products the most eco-friendly, guilt-free products a consumer can buy.

We plant sacred native Indian trees.Trees provide hope for the planet by sustaining all life on earth. We have chosen to plant sacred trees, for their unique ability to heal the soil, air, and water, and provide for all beings.

When it comes to recycling, there is no compromise. We use 100% recyclable materials for our packaging. This has been a conscious effort taken by the company to not be a burden on Mother Earth.

We only use raw materials that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) certified. Consumers can use our products with total confidence that they are completely safe.

We take no shortcuts in delivering the absolute best quality. Every product goes through 14 vigorous quality checks before it reaches the customer. Rest assured, when it comes to our products,there is no such thing as a bad bunch.

We are a company that has always been zealous in the practice of strong business ethics. N Ranga Rao & Sons has always functioned under this self-imposed rule and will always continue to do so.

While we go to great lengths to make high quality products, it will never come at the cost of the environment. We fully cater to ISO standards, to ensure that manufacturing is conducted in a safe manner.

'Why' and 'How' in tandem.

Our commitment to our processes has paid off. We have millions across the world to whom our name has become synonymous with quality and trust. Our products are a result of extensive work across the four pillars of our product 'Cycle'.

The accolades

for our diligence.

Excellence-In-Process rejection of pillar candle base due to cross cutting of candle base by LIA - RIPPLE
Kaizen - DMAIC - NCQC Varanasi

Excellence - Frequent Variation of Bathi Extrusion in Agarbathi making machine by DIVINE - MET
Kaizen - DMAIC - NCQC Mysuru

Excellence - Damage of Ready Rolls and Printed Cartons in Packaging Machine by RADIANT - MET
Kaizen - DMAIC - NCQC Mysuru

Platinum Award for Exports in the Small and Medium Industries Category at the Industrialists Excellence Awards organised by the Government of Karnataka

Export Excellence Platinum Award by Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre

Gold - Higher Rejections of Pillar Candles due to offset of wick insertion hole by LIA - RIPPLE
Kaizen - DMAIC - CCQC Mysuru

Gold - To Eliminate Bottle Plug Tip damaging in 5ml aroma Oil Bottle. To avoid shrink wrap rejection of Votive candles. To increase the life of them by AMOGHA - RIPPLE
Kaizen - DMAIC - CCQC Mysuru

Gold - Rejections in Garden Incense Manufacturing Process leading to production delay by CYCLE - Maintenance
Kaizen - DMAIC - CCQC Mysuru

Gold - Easy filling of Weighed Bathi into PP Cover. To avoid breakdown of paste cutting rod in bathi rolling machine. To reuse the cutting blade of HF by KASTURI - MET, VMT
Kaizen - DMAIC - CCQC Mysuru

Gold - Safe condition while filling and refilling of masala during masala application process by CYCLE - Maintenance
Kaizen - DMAIC - CCQC Bengaluru

Cycle Cricket World Cup Campaign by WOW Award

Awarded for Innovation in Print by Big Bang Award

Awarded for Bhagwaan Hai TV Commercial by Big Bang Award

Quality Award by Quality Circle Forum of India by Par Excellence

National Award for innovation in advertisement by ABBYS Award

Excellence of Service to our Institution by State Award

203rd Birth Anniversary of Louie Braille dated 4th January 2012 by NFB Karnataka Excellency Award 2011

All round excellence among institutions in Mysore by A. V. Suryanarayana Memorial Rolling Cup

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Doing the right thing.
Every single time.
Since 1948.

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