The fragrance of purity.

An essential puja incense, 'Dhoop' is a chemical-free and charcoal-free puja ingredient that comes with a mild fragrance. Rolled and shaped into a log with blended perfumes, Dhoop Sticks are considered to be the finest energy purifiers.

Made using traditional, natural ingredients & fragrances, Cycle Pure offers an array of dhoop, sambranis and cones which create an ambience of purity, positivity and tranquillity in our surroundings.

A heavenly creation, blending the incense extracted from the oil of the sandalwood tree. The woody, earthy and spicy fragrance which is rich, natural and so pure that it has unprecedented power creating a spiritual ambience ideal for prayer.



One of the rarest gifts of nature - Sambrani, also called Benzoin resin - is known for its distinct, peaceful and balsamic fragrance. This finest energy purifier of atmosphere, with all its purity and sanctity, has been captured in the form of Durgeshwari Sambrani.

The finest energy purifier of atmosphere, OM SHANTHI Sambrani with all its purity and sanctity has been captured as one of the best gifts of nature. This sambrani has a distinct, peaceful and balsamic fragrance when burnt on a charcoal piece.



Pushkarini Sambrani is a beautiful amalgamation of resin along with herbs and natural oils that are blended together to give a fragrance that is pure and divine. The fumes blend with the air and infuse the surroundings with an alluring aroma that cleanses the air and energy in the surroundings.

The enchanting fragrance of loban gets a synergic twist with the combination of the divine scents of sambrani in Vasu Loban Sambrani. The rich natural fragrance of loban, and the balsamic fragrance of sambrani: an ethereal fusion that creates an environment of purity, divinity and blissful contentment.



An enchanting collection of dhoop sticks inspired by nature, ranging from aqua and floral varieties to fragrances that are woody and fresh, Lia’s range of dhoop sticks promote tranquility, energise your surroundings and rejuvenate your mind and soul.