The fragrance of prayer.

Cycle Pure is a household name and a familiar fragrance we’ve all grown up with. Its fragrance has the power to transport us back in time to our earliest memories of prayer. It is, today, the most preferred and trusted ‘fragrance of prayer’. A feat and a humbling accomplishment we’ve achieved through sheer commitment to quality with a deep respect for the hopes & aspirations of our customers.

Pure, effective and accessible, Brand Cycle signifies divinity in simplicity. Be it day-to-day prayers or festivals and other special occasions, our iconic incense range has been an integral part of our culture and the prayers of the nation, since 1948. That’s 7 decades of trust and hope which we continue to honour with our singular focus on quality.

Powered by one's own will just like a prayer, Cycle signifies purity and simplicity. A flagship brand by Cycle Pure, Cycle Agarbathies has captured the hearts of millions for decades with their distinct and exemplary fragrances. A market leader in its category, Cycle Pure Agarbathies stands for quality and purity.



Lia, a range of exotic Fragrant Agarbathies, is a brand that radiates and exuberates youthfulness. A unique mix of classic and modern scents that unfolds various facets of the youth. Lia, as a brand personifies hope, dreams one can have and the limitless boundaries one can achieve if they believe in themselves.

The fragrant line of Vasu Agarbathies was created in 1952, inspired by Lord Vasudeva an epithet of Krishna. One of our oldest brands, Vasu Agarbathies stands for spirituality and devotion.



An extraordinary and unique collection of Speciality Agarbathies, loved by connoisseurs of Incenses since decades. Fragrances that are timeless, pure and incredibly classic. Fragrances that define a legacy. Fragrances that have been created and handed down through generations.

A bespoke range of prayer sticks inspired by India’s traditional art forms of Sanjhi, Warli, Madhubani, and Santhal. Cycle heritage is India’s real “heritage bathi” made the traditional way. Crafted using a blend of herbs and flowers, this exquisite incense collection has four fragrance variants. Every purchase helps support heritage artists.



Made with sacred temple flowers, Pushkarini is our humble offering to the divine. We believe what’s divine stays divine, which is why we collect temple blessed flowers and give them another form as incense. Handcrafted by women, infused with a divine fragrance, the Pushkarini range includes agarbathi, sambrani and cones.

Flute, one of our premium and flagship global incense brands, features a range of fragrances, harmoniously blended to create an enchanting symphony for the senses. Flute's range of scented bathi features 9 delightful floral and fruity fragrances. These long-lasting and pleasing agarbathi are carefully crafted for quick fragrance diffusion, for an immediate sensory experience.