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Sep 01, 2023

N Ranga Rao and Sons

Cycle Pure Agarbathi introduces its newest ad campaign: Cycle Three in One Agarbathi – Promoting Health, Wealth and Happiness

Bengaluru, September 1, 2023: Cycle Pure Agarbathi, India’s leading agarbathi manufacturer and a well-known NR Group brand, launched an exciting new advertising campaign — ‘Cycle Three in One agarbathi’. Timed with the brand’s 75th-anniversary celebrations, this innovative campaign is tailored to appeal to all age groups and diverse generations of people. The core message of the campaign revolves around the benefits of health, wealth, and happiness, all bundled in a single pack of agarbathi.

The ‘Cycle Three in One Agarbathi’ campaign masterfully captures the essence of prayer and worship. This unique product lends to three universal prayers of mankind – Health, Wealth, and Happiness – fulfilling essential human desires in one single package. The campaign comprises four distinct ads, each artfully underscores the intrinsic connection between prayer and these fundamental aspirations, effectively highlighting their significance. The advertisement employs a mix of conventional media channels, including television campaigns, radio broadcasts, print materials, digital platforms, and out-of-home advertising, spanning various markets. Cycle Pure Agarbathi, an iconic brand symbolizing optimism, devotion, and excellence, is deeply committed to constant innovation in its product offerings.

Speaking about the brand’s newest campaign, Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathi, said, “A few decades ago, cycle created the original three in one agarbathi, that has inspired a slew of three in ones in its wake. The original three in one was conceived with three unique fragrances created in house, to cater to the people’s need to change fragrances to suit different occasions. Three fragrances for three universal prayers of health, wealth and happiness. Cycle Three in one is synonymous with the category of agarbathi itself. Across the Indian landscape, the haldi kumkum gradient is universally recognised as agarbathi for prayer. We are humbled to have achieved this iconic status and association in people’s minds. The current campaign hopes to convey the core prayers the product symbolises.”

Echoing Mr. Ranga’s views, Mr. Jagdish Acharya, Founder & Creative Head, CTC, said, “ ‘Cycle 3 in 1' encapsulates the idea of combining three agarbathies into one, representing a trinity of blessings - good health, wealth, and happiness. This inventive product with its three exclusive fragrances serves as a conduit for drawing these blessings nearer. Each advertisement we have crafted employs a distinct tone - ranging from playful and heartwarming to deeply moving and vibrant - with the aim of creating a memorable impact in the minds of the people.”

The brand's dedication to innovation has led to a wide array of products, demonstrating its unflinching commitment to remaining at the forefront. With a strong emphasis on research and ingenuity, Cycle Pure continually endeavors to introduce novel creations and elevate existing ones. This persistent pursuit of perfection propels the brand to enthusiastically embrace groundbreaking marketing strategies, further establishing its position as an exemplar in the industry. To watch the ad films, click here & here.

About NRRS

The Mysuru-based NRRS was founded by Mr. N. Ranga Rao in 1948. A true visionary and a philanthropist, Mr. Ranga Rao created the ubiquitous Cycle Pure Agarbathi which has, today, become the largest selling incense stick brand in the world. From a home-grown enterprise, NR Group has evolved into a successfully-run business conglomerate with an established presence in India and abroad. The group has diversified into various business categories like functional air-care products (Lia brand of room fresheners and car fresheners), wellness home fragrance products (IRIS) under Ripple Fragrances, floral extracts (NESSO), and Rangsons Technologies. Today, it is truly an Agarbathi to Aerospace conglomerate as it is also involved in making parts for defense helicopters. The organisation has largely committed towards social responsibilities and fulfills them, through its charity arm ‘NR Foundation’.

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